Stand out, be different.  We build tools that accomplishes just that.

We are film makers, just like you, but with a slight heavier lean on gear-headiness.  We use and put everything we make and sell to the test.  From the stress tests to live productions, we know these products perform.

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MRK Velocity Video

Behind the scenes proof-of-concept for MRK version of KCW™technica Velocity. More about MRK-Velocity here: http://kcwtechnica.com/mrk/mrk-velocity/  

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KCW™technica Generation 2

Back in the shop developing Generation 2 instruments. 6 new PL adapters, Titanium, Titanium Element, Aluminum & Impact Plastic in […]

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Lens Adapters, Visits, Modifications, Piracy, Generation 2.

“Does your adapter work with xxxx lens on xxxx camera?”  “Do I need to modify my camera?”  “Is the picture […]

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KCW™technica - MRK 3 Vehicle Mount - BlackMagic

MRK 3 motorcycle rig configuration

MRK 3 mounting on Motorcycle. Video coming soon.      

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KCW™technica - MRK 3 Vehicle Mount - Canon

MRK 3 working on Chrysler Jeep promo spot

100º+ in the shade in very hostile environment.  MRK 3 mounting Canon 7D adapting Zeiss CP2 lenses on Chrysler Jeep […]

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KCW™ technica V1A - PL to EF BlackMagic Angenieux NAB

Black Magic rocking KCW™technica at 2013 NAB

  Filmmaker MR. W noticed Black Magic using KCW™technica adapter at their booth at the 2013 NAB (National Association of […]

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