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While browsing this website, you have the opportunity to contact us through various web forms or through email. The information submitted to us through these methods will be held in confidentiality and will never be revealed to a third party after it is received, unless required by law. All information submitted to KCWtechnica.com through the online forms on this site or by email will be safely and securely archived for historical records.

When purchasing a product from KCWtechnica.com, you must provide your name and email address. You are required to provide a PayPal or Google checkout account identifier or a credit card number at the time of purchase. However, KCWtechnica.com does not retain or see your PayPal or Google or credit card information; this information is handled entirely by PayPal or Google, a secure third-party payment processor. KCWtechnica.com does retain records of every sale to maintain accurate historical and statistical records. These records are also used to distribute updated products to our customers.

KCW™ industries INC. – KCW™technica will not be held responsible for damages to equipment or bodily injuries due mishandling and misuse of all products. We encourage and highly recommend a thorough understanding of all equipment prior to use.

Yes, we ship worldwide.  Via USPS, UPS, FEDEX or carrier of your choosing.  Buyer is responsible for all shipping, taxes, and customs fees.

We do not and can not govern nor influence UPS nor USPS policies, please do not allow their services to influence your opinion of services provided to you by KCWtechnica.com.

We photo and video document every order with purchaser invoice and shipping slip prior to shipping to ensure the product you ordered is in perfect working condition, new (unless otherwise specified) and exactly as advertised when picked up for shipping.

KCW™technica engineers technologies for wholesale/retail/long term leasing, we do not “lend” purchase with intent to return for refund.  We have set up simple rental programs for some products.  Due nature of equipment it is our sales policy; no refunds or exchanges will be issued.   Some products can only be purchased through direct money transfer.


Due our Mission Critical – Zero Mistakes – Customer Satisfaction A Must – Transparent business conduct, we do not accept any chargebacks.  If you do institute any chargebacks, we will document as fraud and we will no longer accept any business dealings with you.  As well as we do share our fraud experiences and list.


We take great pride in providing excellence. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to drop us a line through our Contact page.