Knowledge – FFD (Flange Focal Distance). Professional versus Point-And-Shoot

We receive a stream of emails about “What lenses works?”.  Despite our best efforts to address this issue:, the stream remains uninterrupted.

Point-And-Shoot – Dummy proofed.  Everything is pre-thought, pre-designed, pre-done.

Professional – Options on top of option.  Which option to use is determined by knowledgeable professional (Those that constantly pursue a higher understanding by studying, practicing and experimenting).

Camera Mount          FFD (Flange Focal Distance)

Canon EF                        44.00 mm

RED interchangeable   27.30 mm

Nikon F                           46.50 mm

Arri PL                            52.00 mm

M42                                 45.46 mm

T Mount                          55.00 mm

OCT-19                            61.00 mm


Putting cinema lenses on DSLR cameras will not yield same results as the lenses and cameras were not designed to pair with each other.  However that does not mean adapting and/or modifying for usage isn’t possible.

Adjustment of the lens is often times the necessity as lens is what allows the passage of light to sensor.  The scale and/or infinity setting will be off.

Zeiss CP (Compact Primes) manual covers adjusting Lens Collimation and shimming when using different mounts to attain proper focusing.


Level of usage of equipment is not determined by it’s price.  Just because you got lucky and purchased an older PL lense off eBay does not mean it’s any less of a Professional Level equipment and should behave as a Point-And-Shoot.

Do some studying and experimenting, that’s how an excellent image is achieved.