Verifications – Spoofs, spams and infringements

It has recently come to our attention that the new breed of spammers are not just sending out spams, they are spoofing entire websites.

A website on our network was completely spoofed (copied verbatim) by an Ukraine webmaster.  We have contacted the host and resolved the matter.

However the latest round of spam we have been receiving is quite elaborate.  Gone is the Nigerian prince and the British Duke that need you to hold their money for an amount of time during their troubled tenures and will pay you handsomely for the troubles.

Today the originating emails are from Government agencies with monies “owed” you, rental mangers with large checks that hasn’t cleared due not having your correct bank account number, a Twitter message that asks you if you have seen what someone is tweeting about you directing you to a “twit(LI)er” url and computer salesmen that offer you the first $3500 computer for $500 then follows up with 10 systems for $400 each.

Always, always check the url (the www.)  Do not just hit reply (it’s very simple to embed a different link than what shows).  ie: showing Microsoft as the dot com but goes to Apple, same can easily be done with email addresses.

Honesty is the best policy.  And the best old “If it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is”.

If you receive an email from anyone offering you money, stating you owe them money, or anything you did not initiate, pickup the phone and call them directly.  If it has to do with monetary exchange or your identification, there’s a phone number.


We have made product registration available.  You must register your purchases of KCW™ technica products to receive warranty and support.