2011 updates and shipments

We are working on shipments right now. Sincere apologies for all shipments that did not make the crazy 2010 dates. It has been an intense year of development and re-organization. Getting closer to first-stage completion. The production company KCW legends is live and finally launched. (http://kcwlegends.com).  We are wrapping up the last 2010 music video for Universal Music; V1A and Rigging Kit 1 performed beautifully.  (Will be uploading behind the scenes photos).

We are processing through date of purchase. If you have purchases through Google, we will be charging as we get to your order.

UPS/USPS will automatically provide you with your tracking information.

Registration page will be live shortly. Please do not forget to register with your serial number for warranty and support.

Lots of new gear rolling out this year, will update shortly.

All the best, and thank you for making KCWtechnica a success.  HAPPY 2011!!!!!!