KCW™technica - MRK 3 Vehicle Mount

Latest & Greatest 6/14/2015

Been busy in the lab lately on the Velocity (free & motorized vehicle mount) project, will update with photos and videos soon. For all back orders, please check your inbox, if you do not reply, we will begin shipping your Generation 1 orders within the next week.  Due date for Generation 2 updates is estimated […]

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Lens Adapters, Visits, Modifications, Piracy, Generation 2.

“Does your adapter work with xxxx lens on xxxx camera?”  “Do I need to modify my camera?”  “Is the picture clear?  Can you clarify?”  “What about new lenses?”  “What about vintage lenses?”  “What about what xxx says?  “I really want your adapter and not a cheap one on eBay, I’ve got $100, take it or […]

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KCW™technica V1A PL-EF

PL lens adapters – What lenses “works”?!?! Demystifying PL adapters.

There is no “magic”

What makes anyone believe V1A & V2A with no, none, zero, zilch, nada, ANY corrective element will magically allow focusing of lenses and camera bodies designed specifically NOT to work with one another is truly a mystery. And to state V1A & V2A does not “work” because lens can not achieve infinite focus with certain lens on certain camera while lens is securely mounted on camera body is… stupefying. The definition of “work” for V1A and V2A is the secure mounting of lens to camera body. Please read that again. THE DEFINITION OF “WORK” FOR V1A & V2A IS THE SECURE MOUNTING OF LENS TO CAMERA BODY.

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KCW™technica - 15mm Rod Knuckle

MRK *Advance 15mm Knuckle

360° x 360° x 360° x 360°.  Rig extendable/solid/affordable 15mm rods in whatever angle you desire. Precision machined out of aerospace aluminum.  Lightweight and powerful. Body mount, bicycle rig, motorcycle rig, car rig, boat rig, helicopter rig, cable gak, table top, underwater housing, and more. Sold in Packs of 2 or 20.  (Get 2 free when you purchase in Packs of […]

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SALE – 4th of July – SALE!!!!

  PL to EF V1A – $399 – http://kcwtechnica.com/shop/pl-mount-to-canon-eos-7d-5d-mark-ii/ PL to EF V2A – $399 – http://kcwtechnica.com/shop/pl-mount-to-canon-eos-7d-5d-mark-ii-adapter-v2a/ PL Mount Plate – $75 – http://kcwtechnica.com/shop/pl-mount-plate-1/ MRK Stage 1 – $650 – http://kcwtechnica.com/shop/mrk-modular-rigging-kit-basic-stage-i/ Sale ends Saturday, July 7th 2012 at midnight PST.

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V1A + V2A production schedule. V3Ti & MRK sale price $695 – April Special.

Recent purchasers of V1A & V2A, our sincerest apologies; as we replied to you we had an unexpected clean-out-purchase-order+additional units by a network TV show.  We have started on the new batch of V1A + V2A. The additional delay was due our works with V3Ti and MRK Stage 3. So schedule as follows: V1A & […]

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How fun is this? MRK supporting RED ONE.

A generation of filmmakers that’s leading the way.  Accepted a visit from a few modern filmmakers at KCW™ studios.  Despite experience and plenteous aspirations, the boys demonstrated knowledge and technical efficiency equal to that of a seasoned-traditional filmmaker.  Their understanding and acceptance of the future of media production and it’s distribution puts them well ahead […]

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[Pre-Order] MRK (Modular Rigging Kit) – Basic – Stage I (Cinema)

Ships October 17 2011.  Order now and get a 15% discount and free shipping   MRK (Modular Rigging Kit) – Basic – Stage I (Cinema) Shoot what you want, when you want, where you want, how you want. Part of KCWtechnica Modular Rigging System. Introducing Modular Rigging Kit – Basic – Stage I (Cinema)   […]

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