Canon 7D shoots RAW!

Magic Lantern enables RAW recording on Canon 7D.   Magic Lantern for 7D is in Alpha stage.  There are reports of moire issues over very fine details, but apparently better than stock Canon video mode. Max resolution is 1736 x 1156.   Not sure where the final development of this software will end up, given […]

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KCW™technica V1A PL-EF

PL lens adapters – What lenses “works”?!?! Demystifying PL adapters.

There is no “magic”

What makes anyone believe V1A & V2A with no, none, zero, zilch, nada, ANY corrective element will magically allow focusing of lenses and camera bodies designed specifically NOT to work with one another is truly a mystery. And to state V1A & V2A does not “work” because lens can not achieve infinite focus with certain lens on certain camera while lens is securely mounted on camera body is… stupefying. The definition of “work” for V1A and V2A is the secure mounting of lens to camera body. Please read that again. THE DEFINITION OF “WORK” FOR V1A & V2A IS THE SECURE MOUNTING OF LENS TO CAMERA BODY.

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