PL lens adapters – What lenses “works”?!?! Demystifying PL adapters.


After publishing no less than 20 articles regarding “please do some research” and “conduct a manual lens test” and simple ways to demystify adapting cinema lenses, we are still receiving the same stale “what lens works”, “where’s the list of lenses”…  And the ever more disturbing, “I know you just took your time and educated me and said you won’t release list of lenses, but can you please tell if you have tested my specific lens with my specific camera…”

So let’s do this, once again, in even simpler terms.  Camera bodies have differing size sensors and have different focal distances.

Lenses are manufactured by or for camera bodies manufacturers’ specifications.  There is no across-the-board standard.

Those that make camera bodies also want to profit from sale of own branded lenses.  It is in their best interest to make cross-brand couplings as complicated as possible.


What “works”?

Whether a lens coupled with camera bodies will focus to infinite or according to it’s markings depends on the lens and focal distance of camera body.  We have tested same make and model of lenses on same camera body with complete different results.  Depending on collimation of lens and back-focus capabilities of lens and focal distance of camera, some pairings will not achieve infinite focus and only focus within certain distances.  So if we were to state a certain lens coupled with certain camera body will allow focus at the time we conducted the test does not mean you will achieve the same result.  Hence we do not and will not release “list of lenses”.  We will share our findings at the time once we figure out how to communicate with people that don’t seem to want research and only want “Apple-ified-esque” dumbed-down products that’s designed for the lowest common-denominator but yet want proclaim themselves a “professional”.

We highly recommend staying away from any and all adapter manufacturers that publish “list of lenses” or claim to work with “all lenses”.  Chances of receiving a slightly modified knock-off version or non-R&D-ed product is high.

There is no “magic”

What makes anyone believe V1A & V2A with no, none, zero, zilch, nada, ANY corrective element will magically allow focusing of lenses and camera bodies designed specifically NOT to work with one another is truly a mystery.  And to state V1A & V2A does not “work” because lens can not achieve infinite focus with certain lens on certain camera while lens is securely mounted on camera body is… stupefying.  The definition of “work” for V1A and V2A is the secure mounting of lens to camera body.   Please read that again.  THE DEFINITION OF “WORK” FOR V1A & V2A IS THE SECURE MOUNTING OF LENS TO CAMERA BODY.



Conduct a manual lens test with your lens and camera body.  If you can achieve the result you want, V1A or V2A is a great solution for you.

V3Tie or V3A

Is the only adapter in the world that requires no adjustments or modifications to lens and camera body and couples majority of cinema lenses to EF, MFT, F mount camera bodies (including those that have been modified).  It does this by featuring corrective lenses that are swappable and allows focusing.  It is almost a lens itself.

Why have we not made it available, simple, the price.  The price of manufacturing costs more than a set of high-end cinema prime lenses, with zooms, and that’s with us manufacturing at quantity and not including the already heavy cost of R&D with qualified optical engineers that we have already invested into.  We have thus far fabricated a small amount by commission for studio-signed filmmakers, hence the photos on forums that sometimes shows up.

Like all other technologies, we have been observing the democratization, lowering price by numbers, as well as keeping an eye out on cost of materials.  We are working diligently and will have a solution shortly.

Please Observe

Technology is progression, and progression means change.  We completely understand with the way camera bodies and other imaging devices are being released today the business model of purchasing a set of quality lenses to use with the latest and greatest camera can seem logical.  However know that this is the very challenge issued by administration to engineers; how to entice purchasing of new equipment, including lenses.  Think in terms of computing, housing, or simply tools.  There are always going to be updates, upgrades, or a completely brand new system.  Why would you use a $10 imperial socket to tighten a metric bolt on a $100K car?

The democratization process in business means utilizing Moore’s law.  Double the power, half the size, half the price and in half the time.  By everyone being able to easily afford to have, declines the very value of the product, but everyone can have and facilitates the newer to be produced.

Being a filmmaker and witnessing the “saturation” of media production, what used to cost millions and moths just a few years ago is being made on computer system costing $2500 and in minutes is a telltale sign of next-phase.  As a filmmaker, ask yourself, what you can do right now, how many others in this world also can.  What is it that’s going to make you stand out among the ever-growing crowd of “filmmakers” (term used very loosely here).  Research and learn, so you are empowered to make something unique.



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