We have had many requests for the mounts listed in the title, and more.  Can it be done, yes, can we or any other technologically-progressive kick-ass detail-attentive shop with CNC machining shop do it, yes.  However is designing, engineering, CADing, machining, anodizing, and testing worth it?  Is the electronics implementation for some of the mounts worth the critique?  Then having some of the very critics pirate all  the time-consuming work worth it?

We would think it is a resounding NO, but, yeah there’s always the but, BUT if there’s enough demand, sure why not.  So if you are interested, send us an email, and we will drop it in our Requests-Box.

In the mean time, we are preparing to make available adapters and other camera support/modification parts not manufactured by KCW™ technica, however thoroughly tested and used by our production division.  Goal here is to eliminate the guess work of some products offered by some retailers and online auction sites (Amazon, eBay, etc.) resulting in some incredulous assumptions on some forums and emails we receive.  Available starting 2nd quarter.

All information and responses will be made available here.  Thanks peeps.