How fun is this? MRK supporting RED ONE.

A generation of filmmakers that’s leading the way.  Accepted a visit from a few modern filmmakers at KCW™ studios.  Despite experience and plenteous aspirations, the boys demonstrated knowledge and technical efficiency equal to that of a seasoned-traditional filmmaker.  Their understanding and acceptance of the future of media production and it’s distribution puts them well ahead of draconian-celluloid-preservationists.

KCW™ technica, KCW™ studios, KCW legends is there for you.


Operating – Jeff Peterman.  Grandson of legendary Director of Photography Don Peterman (Flashdance, Point Break, Men In Black)

A/C – Alex “Hushie” Hufschmid

First official MRK configuration submission – Type SH.  Modified Crank with single bottom handle.