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Limited Run.  Delivery starts mid November 2015.

Due the amount of requests we have been receiving for V1A Gen 1, we will be making a limited run.  And to show our appreciation, we are offering a 15% discount. Thank you all for your patronage.


Thank you for making V1A PL-EF the success it’s been.  We are currently completely sold out and will be discontinuing.  HOWEVER, we are planning to release Generation 2 of V1A line, which will include; PL-EF, PL-F, PL-M4/3 and more.

Generation 2 Pre-Orders will be made available shortly.



Version 1 Aluminum(V1A) Anodized blue and black, Aircraft grade aluminum.

Due focal range and lens PL Mount plate, there is no universal adapter for all PL Mount lenses to current DSLR cameras.  PL to EF adapter, securely mounts PL lens to EF mounts.  This adapter has no element, thus will not correct for back focus.

The current adapter available, PL-CanonEF V1A (Version 1 Aluminum) is catered to older lenses (though some new will work) that has a depth of 6.5mm and total adapter barrel length of 14mm or less. We will also be releasing lens PL Mount plates soon, in stainless steel only.

This is an adapter, meaning it will not require any modifications and cause no damage if used properly with fitting equipment.

We are not planning to release nor offer modification services for DSLRs.

Please do realize you are planning to use a lens designed for motion pictures on a camera designed for still photos.  Field Of Focus between cinema lenses and DSLRs are very much different.  We do not manufacture lenses (yet), so also please realize whether the lens of your choosing will focus or not to the markings on the barrel is completely determined by the lens manufacturer, not us.

Simplest technique to test your lens on your camera body is to: 1) Put your camera into video mode (careful not to expose sensor to direct sunlight, and do not extend/insert anything into the camera body).  2) Manually hold lens to camera mount.  Adjust focus/zoom/aperture according to determine whether you are able to achieve desired results.

We have tested older lenses ranging from Angenieux, Lomos and Dalsa. Please be patient with us, have lots in the works.


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