V1A + V2A Rental


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Due our NO REFUND and ZERO MISTAKES POLICY and popular demand and those that “just wish to be sure”.

$250 per week for both V1A & V2A.


Rental Terms

You will receive both adapters for a period of 7 days.  Included is a return addressed shipping box.

If you select Google Checkout, a hold of $930 + shipping will be placed on your account.  Only $250 + the shipping will be initially charged.

If you select Paypal, $930 + shipping will be charged.  Upon receiving the units back, we will refund $680 back to your account.

Upon receiving we will inspect for damage(s) and missing parts.  Afterwards your account will be charged/refunded/released with a verification/Thank You email.

If there are damages/missing parts, you will be sent an email informing you at which time you have the option of either paying for the repair(s) or purchasing the unit at full retail price.


If you love the adapter(s) and wish to keep both or one, simply send us an email.  Depending on whether you choose to keep one or both of the adapters, your rental fee of $250 will go towards the final purchase price.

Previously used units are discounted 10%-15% off current retail price.  You have the option to exchange for a new unit.

Late Fees, Shipping & Handling

The 7 Days period starts from the day Shipping Company delivers (or attempts to deliver) and ends the day we receive notification from Shipping Company that package is en-route back to us.

Any period past 7 Days and it will be an registered as an automatic purchase.  If you wish to extend your rental period, simply send us an email.  Rental price is per every 7 Days.

Flat rate shipping for domestic United States.

Exact shipping fees are charged.  You are responsible for all taxes and shipping & handling fees.


We video and photo document all packages prior to shipping as well as receiving.  This is a highly suggested technique to avoid confusion.



Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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