V3AE or V3Ti – Vote

What make model of lens works?  Do I need to modify my camera or lens?  Where is the list of lenses?!?!

It’s pretty amazing the steady stream of these emails have not ceased or even slowed.  As it is the very understanding of how camera and lens functions is the essence of the answer to these questions.  But OK.  So you want something that you can just click on and use whatever camera with whatever lens without having to modify anything.  Got it.  You want KCW™ technica Phantom Works’ V3Ti adapter.  But um, yeah…

With current technologies, we are able to fabricate anything, yes anything.  Issue is not whether we can, is whether there are customers willing to pay the costs of the fabricating.  We often do prototype, as is the launch of KCW™ technica was due us prototyping a PL to EF adapter and M-Trolley Supertrack for our own use as nothing like what we need was commercially available.  However, due prototyping, costs are much higher than manufacturing at volume.  That seems to be the misunderstanding for majority of customers.  The smaller the amount that’s made, the higher the costs; the larger the volume, the smaller the costs.  Think buying wholesale (many units), versus buying limited edition.  However at volume manufacturing the total cost is drastically higher for manufacturer.  As well as manufacturer must deal with the costs of bootleg knockoffs.  Please keep this in mind.

But since customers are demanding it, cameras and lens manufacturers are continuing with existing production, we’ll make it available.


V3 AE or TiE are adapters that have swappable elements.  Operators will be able to select and use the element that will get the desired results.  One Element will be included with each V3.  1 F or T stop light loss.  First batch of adapters is planned to be PL to Canon EF.  More information will be made available as we release the videos.  Advance order announcements will be made available shortly.


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